The Lifted Life Podcast

The Lifted Life Podcast

By Lifted Naturals

The Lifted Life Podcast exists to help you live a lifted life. Each episode we'll be sharing valuable tips and shifts from our experience of growth, becoming, and being.


Ep #161: Managing Disappointments

Episode One-Hundred-Sixty-One of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Managing Disappointments   In this week's show we're chatting about how to manage your disappointment when things don't go as planned... or go as quickly as we'd hoped.   This one shift might Read more


Ep #160: Rejection Proof?

Episode One-Hundred-Sixty of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Rejection Proof?   In this week's show we talk about shifting the way you think about rejection in order to live a more expansive, daring life.   Whether we realize it or not, fear of rejection isRead more


Ep #159: Be. Do. Have.

Episode One-Hundred-Fifty-Nine of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Be. Do. Have.   The 'standard way' of going about life can often be counterproductive and sets us up for disappointment. That is the 'Have. Do. Be.' model.    For example: if I could just HAVRead more


Ep #158: Mindybody Connection

Episode One-Hundred-Fifty-Eight of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Mindybody Connection   Who HASN'T had their fair share of headaches or back pain? But when pain becomes chronic it might be time to look at repressed emotions! Tune into this week's show forRead more


Ep #157: Another Permission Slip

Episode One-Hundred-Fifty-Seven of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Another Permission Slip   In this week's show we are granting you another permission slip (the ULTIMATE permission slip!) ... permission to grant yourself permission!   Tired of waiting arouRead more

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